Anjali Award for Bravery

Anjali Awards

When Anjali aimed at inclusion and integration of children with disability into the mainstream, acknowledging the efforts of people who in one way or another have contributed to the cause, could not be left far behind and no occasion could be more relevant and rapturous than inauguration. Anjali awards intend to identify people who have discovered doors where others have seen walls; who have set out to take a second look to what was available and explore different ways of making things better.

Anjali Award for Bravery

Is given in the recognition of exemplary achievements on the part of the person with disability, parents of a disabled child or a family with disabled members who did not fall down on facing challenges but carved out a niche by the sheerdint of will. This award is accolades for the trials, travails and tribulations that the disabled person and or the family has had to go through towards achievement.

2018 - Mr. Durga Prasad Pattnaik

2017 - Ms. Miniakhi Dikhsit

2016 - Mr. Kamakhi Prasad Dash

2015 - Mr. Satyakam Das

2012 - Mr. Biraja Routray

2011 - Mr. Sambit Dash

2006 - Miss Ankita Panda & Panda Family

2005 - Mr. Kartik Chandra Pandab

2004 - Mr. Rajkishore Ghatkia

2003 - Ms. Indira Pattnaik