AYG - Anjali Young Genius

Anjali Young Genius Challenge (Quiz Competition)

The AYG (Anjali Young Genius) challenge is a great way to promote the general knowledge that students at their age should be aware of. Many times, this knowledge is given a backseat in the quest for percentages and high ranks. Knowledge of literature, culture & heritage, environment and their surroundings is necessary for all round development of personality. The annual event witnesses the participation of mainstream schools from across Odisha and SSA schools and special schools from across India. Students of class VIIIth to XIth can participate in the competition.


SSA school & Special schools (from different states of India) can prepare and participate directly after a screening round (written) in camp. For mainstream schools in Odisha, competitions will be organized in various schools. Four best teams will compete with a special children team in Anjali camp.


One of the rounds will focus on festival theme ‘Disability’. Open to class VIII to XIth (18 year for children are mentally challenged, autistic or have severe disabilities).


Screening Round

(1)For mainstream schools there will be 2 screening rounds, written and oral. 4 teams will be selected and those 4 teams will participate in the finals along with two teams of children with special needs.
(2) Each team will have three participants, fourth will be a reserve candidate.
(3) In written there will be seventy questions with time limit of 1 hour. Right questions will get 1 mark and wrong one negative mark.
(4) There will be 7 rounds in final. Questions will be general in nature with two special rounds, one on disability and one on child rights.

General Round

(1) Each team will be asked 5 questions.3 questions in a sequence and 2 in rotation.
(2) Time of 30 seconds for each answer.
(3) No negative marking for wrong answer.
(4) 10 marks for right answer.
(5) The questions cannot be passed.

Disability Round

(1) Each team will be asked 3 questions in rotation.
(2) Time of 30 seconds for each answer.
(3) 10 marks for each right answer, -5 marks for wrong answer.
(4) The question can be passed. To next team in sequence.
(5) 5 marks will be given for right answer after passing.

Memory Round

(1) 20 words (12 general, 4 disability related and 4 games related) will be spoken out and they have to be written on paper within one minute.
(2) Any one participant from each team can write the answer on paper. Paper will be provided.
(3) Sequence is not important for the words.
(4) 10 marks for each right word will be given.
(5) 5 marks for wrong answers.
(6) Audience can answer.

Visual round

(1) There will be two rounds.
(2) Each team will be shown 1 slide in each round
(3) 10 marks for right answer and -5 for the wrong answer
(4) No passing to the team. Audience can answer.

Child Rights round

(1) Each team will be asked 3 questions.
(2) Time of 30 seconds for each answer
(3) 10 marks for each right answer, -5 marks for wrong answer.
(4) The question can be passed. To next team in sequence.
(5) 5 marks will be given for right answer after passing.
(6) Audience can answer if all teams fail.

Rapid fire round ( for three highest scoring teams)

(1) Each team has to answer maximum questions in 30 seconds.
(2) 10 marks for right answer, -5 for wrong answer.
(3) All wrongly answered questions will be asked to audience.Tie question will be asked in case there is tie between the teams.


(1) Each Team/school must consist of four
(2) individuals, inclusive of one reserve member.
(3) Each Team/school must be accompanied by a teacher, who will chaperone them.
(4) Each school may only send one Team.


Every child will get a participation certificate. The contest offers prizes and awards to the students, teacher and the schools, as well as the audience. Your chance of winning one of the many prizes!! The qualifying teams will get a cash award of Rs. 500 per team. The finals will be held in camp Anjali between 14th to 18th November 2017.

Final Prizes

Best schools – Trophies (1st, 2nd and 3rd)