Special Events

Hasya Kavita

Celebrated satirists and poets will entertain children and their escorts with their quick wit and vyanga (satirical) poetry.

Snake Show

Education is a key to easing human fears and violence toward snakes. To spread the snake gospel we organize"snake shows" to acquaint children with their reptile neighbors.Through the snake shows, we want to achieve a closer relationship between man and snake.

Magic of Science Show

Fusing the showmanship and mystery of magic with the raw power of science, Magic Of Science will demonstrate the simplicity of science behind the astounding magical feats.

Magic Show

Magic shows are always fun to watch in Anjali. Anjali magic show is a magic comedy show a combination of magic tricks and humor. This magic performance is much appreciated as it not only brings a sense of awe but also bursts of laughter.

Children’s Chain

Children’s Day is a grand celebration with the day starting with the chain going around the camp with slogans ‘Chacha Nehru Zindabad’ and ‘Long Live Anjali.’ All the participantsmadea circle around the main stage and slowly movedin a circle. There are total 4 stops around the circle where the children are given chocolates, balloons, apples and laddoos. On the closing point each gets a rose bud that they offer to the photo of Chacha Nehru as their love for him.

Clown Show

Puppetry Show

Hanuman Show (Storytelling with puppetry)