Unplugged - Rockband Contest

Unplugged is an inter-college rock band contest. It is about making music and playing it for a social cause.They say making music is more of a passion, a passion that brings joy not only to the performers but also to the audience, add a social cause to it and you complete the ingredients of a true social being. Performing to a specific group of audience is surely a challenge but making music that mesmerises people of all ages and make them hum to your tunes is surely a much bigger task to execute. So, if your passion can make people forget all inhibitions and let themselves free to music, then this is your one shot to fame.


Prelims & Finals will be held on November 2017. Bands have to create a signature music for ANJALI, in any genre. Only those who send us the Signature music by 31st of August 2017 will be eligible for the contest. The best music will be recorded in studio. However, this will not affect their participation in contest.


First Prize – 10000, second Prize – 5000 and Third Prize – 3000 in INR.


The winning band will have the opportunity to be heard in FM radio stations. Add to that the cash prize, the media publicity and the privilege to perform in front of the renowned judges!