WKA - Whiz Kids Anjali

Whiz Kids Anjali-Challenge (Science Model Contest)

The WKA (Whiz Kids Anjali) challenge is a great way to harvest a culture of creativity and love of science in students from a young age. Previously called the science model contest the competition aims to provide a platform for young inventors to embark on experiential learning integral to their development while having fun and letting the fascinating world of science take them on a journey of imaginative discovery. Each year has a theme – Renewable Energy for Domestic Cars (2014), Toys Operated with Sustainable Energy (2012), Integrated Waste Management Models (2011), Vehicles running on alternative sources of power (2010) and Domestic Water Purifiers (2009).

The annual event witnesses the participation of mainstream schools from across Odisha and SSA schools and special schools from across India. Students of class VIIIth to XIIth can participate in the competition.


Student scan prepare and bring their model components. The assembling will be done in camp Anjali.


"Celebrating Childhood" - Try to break the barriers for students with disabilities to access regular schools and learn with mainstream students. By designing low cost gadedgets which can be manufactured locally.

They can be belong to any one of the following categories
Communication aids
Computer access aids
Education and learning aids
Seating and positioning aids
Vision and reading aids


(1) Original - The entry must be the original idea and work product of a single or team of students with their teacher guide/advisor and must not have been copied from anywhere
(2) It can be produced in low cost and marketed.
(3) Concise Description - 2 (A-4) pages description of concept with names of guide/advisor teacher, participants, age and class typed with pages numbers and stapled together.
(4) Convincing - It is up to you to convince judges that your entry is the best of all the submissions. Although the judges are experienced researchers, they may not be familiar with your particular project or specialty. Describe your work in the most positive, comprehensible manner, understandable to a scientifically literate person and also to all the visitors.


Every child will get a participation certificate. The contest offers prizes and awards to the students, teacher and the schools, as well as the teams. Your chance of winning one of the many prizes!!
Best schools – Trophies (1st, 2nd and 3rd )