Balloon Sculpture

Children and balloons have always made a great pair together. Balloon sculpture is the shaping of special modelling balloons into almost any given shape. Two of the primary design styles are "single balloon modelling", which restricts itself to the use of one balloon per model, and "multiple balloon modelling", which uses more than one balloon. In Anjali Camp children will learn various tricks and methods of balloon sculpture by the best teacher available in India.

Craft Workshop

Craft workshops are being held in Camp Anjali since the year 2001. Sessions in paper craft, jute toys, balloon art, wax works and painting with flowers are offered. Care is taken to ensure that classes and teaching methods are suitable for all children, disabled and non-disabled. Instructional event is 3 days long. Workshops are limited in size so each participant receives individual attention from the resource person. Classes generally begin at 11:00 am each morning and continue until 1:00 pm.

Cartooning Workshop

Cartooning workshop in Anjali created a focused but entertaining environment so that students felt that learning new, and often technically complex, skills were easy and fun filled. This year students learnt the basics of cartooning along with expressions and numbers. They learnt to draw cartoons of a politician, cricketer and a film star. Cartoonist from Bhubaneswar, Kamal Kant Rath works for Odia newspaper Nitidina. He once again visited Anjali for teaching the art of cartoon making

Dance Workshop

The Dance Workshop in Anjali prides itself with regard to specialized teaching for ALL children, at the same time providing more advanced levels for people who have danced in the past. While classes were casual in nature, all children were encouraged to participate in the final presentation to be held on the last day. Saswat Joshi an Indian classical dancer, choreographer, model and an exponent of Odishi dance was the resource person in dance workshop.

Magic Workshop

In Magic Workshop children learnt how to perform easy magic tricks in just an hour. Every trick taught was easy enough for a beginner and good enough for a professional. Each child Participant received a magic kit and learnt to perform 8 magic tricks. Program concluded with a presentation of a certificate and professional magic wand. Resource person was the famous magician Jeevan Mishra

Ventriloquism Workshop

Ventriloquism is the ability to speak without moving your lips so that your voice seems to be coming from a ventro doll , usually as a way of entertaining people. In Anjali, children learnt how to design ventro dolls and have a conversation with the doll in the Ventriloquism Workshop. They also learn how to get their ventro dolls positioned and get their dolls showcased in front of the audience. On the first day children made the doll, second day they practiced talking and on third and fourth day they practiced more and made a stage presentation.

Paper mask Workshop

Paper mask introduced in 2016 for the first time in Anjali by Arun Phatak. Care was taken to ensure that classes and teaching methods were suitable for all children, disabled and non-disabled. In the workshop paper folding, paper coiling, paper cutting and designing were taught. Children made paper masks and balloon mask Arun Phatak, former headmaster of a school for the speech and hearing children, in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra is associated since 2001. His interactive and entertaining pedagogy made children _lock back to the workshop post lunch despite long sessions in the morning

Theatre Workshop

Theatre workshop taught theatrical Techniques through an informal , classroom-based structure, and promoted self-expression and teamwork. The intensive 4 day session helped in understanding the issues of disability through simple child to child interaction. In the fun filled atmosphere learning dramatics also led to building esteem, self-confidence, public speaking skills, and an awareness of a true teamwork effort.

Pottery and Teracotta Workshop

Anjali Pottery and Terracotta class was endless hours of fun for children to work with clay. They learnt pottery making, wheel throwing, clay hand building, making toys etc. Lots of activities kept children busy so that they could develop better sense, shaping and creating textures, and creative skills as well as enhance their creativity through handling different types of clay that turned their conceptual ideas into reality.

Music Workshop

Music Workshop was a four days long workshop providing an intimate environment for learning and playing the language of sa, re, ga , ma, pa...Working sessions were small and was led by an experienced Hindustani Vocal exponent. After learning basics, children made a chorus presentation in the last day. Some participants faced language problem as they came from different parts of India and could not understand Oriya. Volunteers explained the meaning and all participants enjoyed a lot singing to the tunes of Prasanta sir. From the second day, children sang to the accompaniment of Dholak, Keyboard and harmonium and pad.

Yoga Workshop

This workshop aimed to create awareness of yoga among the students. Children, as per the disabilities and the extent to which they could stretch, learnt various yoga postures. From second day they started formations and practiced to music under the guidance of resource person Bidya Dash.

Pantomime Workshop

Pantomime is a new workshop for Anjali 2016. The resource person was Tarun Pradhan a famous pantomime artist of Kolkata. In this workshop children learned Rhythm with Movement and Exercise, Illusion and Game, Pantomime Making Process and Expression and Practice with Music and Costume & Presentation and on last day they performed on the stage.